About MKP Creative

From large brands to small, we all have a story to tell. The key is finding what makes you unique, what makes you different? The key is how to tell the story, who to tell the story to, and how to grow your business through these public and media relationships.

That’s where we come in. At MKP Creative, we specialize in guiding you through all aspects of your brand and how the public and media reacts to your story. We build the road map, join you on your journey and watch you grow along the way. From these strong roots grow dynamic and successful brands. How can we help you grow? Contact MKP Creative today for a free consultation and together we can build the road map that leads to your success.



MKP Creative specializes in the following areas:

MKP Creative is a public relations and marketing team based in the Portland, Oregon area. We specialize in Media 2.0, Social Media, traditional PR campaigns, Viral Marketing, Integrated Marketing campaigns and copy writing, specifically for SEO and web based projects.

Contact MKP Creative for samples, a client list, and quotes on projects. Gather your friends or co-workers for a Social Media Seminar and receive a group discount.


A Full Service PR and Marketing Firm specializing in Media 2.0, Social Media, PR, Viral Marketing, and more.


Traditional PR, Viral Marketing, Integrated Marketing campaigns & copy writing, specifically for SEO- and Web-based projects.

Client Testimonials

“Maggie knows social media back and forth, and finds incredibly creative ways to provide relevant content to your audience. She knows how to grab new customers and, very importantly, keep them engaged. Maggie is prompt and organized, and an overall pleasure to work with. I never hesitate to refer her to colleagues that are contemplating establishing a social media presence.”

John SchmidtPrincipal, Gorge Vista LLC

“Maggie Palmer is an excellent resource for your social marketing needs. She has a strong background in PR combined with her understanding of the importance of social marketing. Maggie offers excellent guidance in creating and implementing a strategic plan for your marketing needs, and has guided Wonders of Walking on a continued growth curve. She is a also a talented, resourceful, and fun-to-work-with professional! Thank you, Maggie.”

Judy HellerOwner, EroFit & Associates, LLC